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Hello, and welcome to the Fediverse!

No, I didn't say Metaverse, I said Fediverse! That's a whole different thing that is also the product of a billionaire playboy driving a multi-billion dollar enterprise into the ground.

You may have known me as Libertardian on Twitter, or the branded account that is now just @admin.

☠️ Beware ☠️

A lot of "hotties" suddenly following me from hot girl avatar, no posts, suspicious link as bio.

☠️ Beware ☠️

Did you know? It's considered a faux pas in Japan for ghosts to wear their clothing left-over-right.

Right before you die, make sure to redo your yukata or kimono as appropriate to properly indicate your mortality status.

The first time I read this, I saw "What to do when your DATA is rude to your server" and I thought, man, this #AI thing is getting out of control...

Monday is Internet Archive Lawsuit Oral Arguments day and of course we have events planned, and can even have you listen in on the arguments, then off to a panel discussion. Mondays suck anyway - might as well keep an ear into a very important moment in IA's history.

Jack Valenti's shitty rape metaphor 

There's also a few people who are just outright defending 's lawsuit against , as if Jason Scott just woke up one morning and said, "I want to be the Boston Strangler but for mid-list ".

Like, this is still *Hacker* News, right? Not "Blatant Corporate Worshipper" News?

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The Orange Site is so oddly blackpilled about the that it's irritating.

Not because they expect IA to be streamrolled - that's a reasonable take, because it's how works. You don't follow the rules even a little, they break your kneecaps.

What I mean is that there are people in there who actually stopped donating to IA purely because they "don't want to contribute to a pointless crusade against copyright".

Translation: "You weren't supposed to be able to train your own image generators, but since it turns out $100k of compute isn't a big enough barrier to third-party model access we're going to stop publishing any research at all."

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So... did anyone else notice that the "paper" is basically just a slightly elaborated version of their announcement blog post?

It even says:

"Given both the competitive landscape and the safety implications of large-scale models like GPT-4, this report
contains no further details about the architecture (including model size), hardware, training compute, dataset construction, training method, or similar."

For context, the GPT-3 paper actually does talk about most of that.

Stop thinking of Twitter, TikTok, IG, (et al) as social media sites.

They are **Content Refineries.**

Like processed food manufacturers they take user content & extract the most addicting/engaging content. Brains eat it up but in an unhealthy “devour the whole bag of chips” way.

They make hyper-processed social media junk food.

Mastodon is more like a potluck. We're all bringing dishes. It's a mess. Kids are running all over. But we are, at least, real people sharing real things.

JIRA Epics that are too big should be called Legendaries.

Why did the old IBM PC character font have a broken bar for the vertical pipe character? As they say: It's complicated.

#Programming #Coding #Retrocomputing


BEHAVIOURS were not supposed to be UNDEFINED
YEARS of CODING yet no real world use found for C99
Wanted to write unsafe code anyway for a laugh? we had a tool for that: It was called "ASSEMBLY".
"Yes please OVERWRITE THAT BUFFER. Please dereference this NULL pointer" - Statements dreamed up the utterly Deranged

LOOK at what C programmers have been demanding your Respect for all this time. (This is real C, done by REAL C'ers)

Segmentation fault.

They have played us for absolute fools.

My thoughts on the recent :

I'm glad Superman managed to step in and keep the crumbling building upright until everyone got out safely, but I'd really like to know why the fuck we keep paying Lex Luthor to build shoddily-constructed skyscrapers everywhere

@publius @alberto_cottica I think @pluralistic knows this.

> There are a lot of totally normal people who would suffer if not for this bailout […]. They're totally normal working people who took no risks and bear no responsibility for the failure of SVB.
> But *come on*. Does anyone seriously believe that the absolute fucking *ghouls* […] are advocating for endless billions for SVB's depositors because of the *janitors*?

So none of the VC backed founders were at risk due to #SVBCollapse

It would only have been bootstrapped companies like mine that could have died if FDIC hadn’t fixed it all.

I offered bridge loans to founders I knew & they said they were fine because their investors stepped in

What happens when the US government says your First Name is Unknown? These 3 Desi men are now going through life as “Fnu”


@adamconover @pluralistic just fyi - pentest shops use non competes too, and its UGLY. and these definitely arent low-wage workers. one shop even has language in their contract that says 'you cant do what you do for us for anyone else for 1 year'. I encountered that and demanded a year of pay up front to handle that legal scenario - so they redlined that out on the spot. how many others didnt notice/ask?

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