Hello, and welcome to the Fediverse!

No, I didn't say Metaverse, I said Fediverse! That's a whole different thing that is also the product of a billionaire playboy driving a multi-billion dollar enterprise into the ground.

You may have known me as Libertardian on Twitter, or the branded Fantranslation.org account that is now just @admin.

You're probably wondering why I'm even here. After all, I've got plenty of comments on The Orange Site™ talking about how decentralized social media is kind of a bad idea.

And I still stand by that.

On the other hand, Twitter is kind of dying right about now, and all the other programmers I follow are also jumping ship to Mastodon. So, consider this profile as having been signed "under protest", so to speak.


You'll also notice I'm self-hosting. Quite honestly, I wanted to see if I could run this on my existing AWS infra for less than it costs to get a blue checkmark.

Another advantage is that I get to set my own block lists. The bad news is, I have to set my own block lists!

(Yes, I know about the lists that people trade around, but those happen to ban *most of Japan* because Pixiv.)

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@kmeisthax Yeah, one big reason I dislike blocklists is because you're implicitly relying on other people's biased opinions on what should be blocked, and many people end up blocking many other innocent people as a result before they ever even got the chance to interact once.

@DaVince My biggest worry is if interacting with Japanese-language users (whom apparently congregate on two very large commonly-banned instances) will get the fantranslation.org instance subject to some kind of secondary sanctions regime. I hope not.

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