Despite its attractive yellow cartridge and smart portrait of Jeff Bezos, Amazon Web Services for the N64 was marginally less successful than GoldenEye 007. The Nintendo 64s lack of networking was a serious setback that should have foreshadowed its eventual recall from the market

Video Release 

I accomplished one of my long time goals this week by getting Doom from 1993 running on multiple monitors using all original software and almost period correct hardware!

Whoops. I got suspended from Twitter for doxing the real-time assassination coordinates of the Chinese spy balloon.

Authorities increasingly concerned that Chinese balloon may drop counterfeit SD cards around the country, with less than the labeled amount of actual capacity, thereby bringing our entire computer industry to a halt when writable space runs out unexpectedly.

Old and busted (XP era):
Delete "C:\Windows\System32"

New hotness (modern era):
Delete "C:\Windows\WinSxS"

@Urethramancer @timbray Unfortunately I'm hosting a Drupal blog, Mastodon instance, and Buildbot; none of which will fit into Cloudflare's infrastructure model.

Also, they kind of centralized SSL traffic. Their CEO knows this is a problem to the open Internet, it apparently keeps him up at night. But his solution to that is to... evidently, not enforce their AUP until larger powers force their hand.


Iran state TV yesterday excerpted American media to convey that violence against women is endemic in the US - notable in light of Iran's crackdown on women's rights.

Featured are a bystander video and police bodycam footage of an Ohio police officer punching a Black woman, Latinka Hancock, several times in the face when detaining her January 16, 2023

A collaborative source analysis @internetarchive Television News Archive and Kalev Leetaru's GDELT Project


@f00fc7c8 @tillianisafox @WecanbeGyros Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

Basically, US law is that if someone's under 13 you basically aren't allowed to retain any data about them. It's stricter than GDPR, but it's also entirely useless because it only applies to children. Pretty much everyone just blocks anyone who says they're under 13.

And yes pretty much everyone under 13 just lies about their age anyway. In fact, it's why YouTube got hit with that FTC fine.

>"Verification complete!"
>start watching Stranger things 2k29
>"ERROR! User attempting to steal online video!"
>my nephew just looked at my phone
>"Adding another household to your pass, this will be charged to your credit card. Do you accept?"
>"Netflix entering lock state!"
>"to unlock get a verification code from Netflix support"

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>wake up feeling sick after a late night of watching Netflix
>excited to watch Stranger Things 2k29
>"Please verify that you are "tooter332" by saying "Netflix and Chill!"
>"Netflix and Chill!"
>"ERROR! Please connect to the verification wifi"
>drive up to my brothers house
>only 1/4 tank of gas left, needed to verify 14 times last night
>phone does nothing
>I attempt to smile
>"Connecting to verification server"

@timbray TIL! I thought Amazon's core business and AWS were both profitable, but I guess not.

I wonder if I should consider moving to Azure...

For a while now, I’ve been posting an analysis of Amazon’s results every quarter, as a Twitter thread. Twitter threads are over and it should be a blog anyhow:

Tl;dr: Amazon retail loses money and is subsidized by AWS and Advertising, big-time. Which is either irrational or unfair or both.

#Netflix has unveiled the details of its new anti-#PasswordSharing policy, detailing a suite of complex gymnastics that customers will be expected to undergo if their living arrangements trigger Netflix's automated enforcement mechanisms:

If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:


Q: what’s the most cryptographically secure meal?
A: one-time pad thai

So apparently there’s been a denial-of-service attack on and it was down for a bit.

I didn’t notice.

(I have my own server.)

That’s the fediverse working as designed.

No server should be so big that its absence endangers the greater system. And if any are, that’s a problem.

If we want a healthy, resilient fediverse, we must keep the size of servers small and the number of servers high.

#fediverse #mastodon #resilience #ddos #thinkSmall

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