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Trying to merge in a bunch of PRs and I get this really helpful notice.

It's a one-commit PR and I just used the normal update PR button that works fine for a rebase workflow. What is it even trying to tell me?

A big piece on how the #Fediverse is reclaiming a lot of the important concepts that got corrupted by crypto. I wrote this for David Farrier’s #Webworm and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It leans on @pluralistic’s work, with #ChokepointCapitalism, plus a lot else. I’d be fascinated to know what people who’ve been around here a long time make of the piece, as I’m still very new to the whole #decentralized #federated media thing!

Hive, if you want the equivalent of slamming your face in to one and being stung by bees, but in social media form

@vampiress @danmac I wrote some useful utility for DOS in 1997 and distributed it via bulletin board. It was TeaspoonWare, which I made up. The license said if you like this please mail me a teaspoon because I lose them and mum gets mad. Every so often, we’d get a teaspoon in the mail without explanation. Drove mum insane.

A bit of Apple ATG #AppleLore that appears to have vanished. This also reminded me that in the 90's just before a layoff, they updated the internal Apple phone directory a day before it happened, so we all knew who was getting laid off.

Here is the thing you have to understand about VCs (and therefore, companies and websites that have accepted VC money), always and forever. Repeat it like a mantra.

--- Venture capitalists do not invest in the company. Venture capitalists invest in the exit. ---

Eventually any site, app whatever has a Sell Out Moment. They get bought by a big established corp, they go IPO, something. There is an "Exit". If you accept VC money, you are *promising* that Exit day is coming and it will be *big*.

Holy shit are EC2 load balancers expensive

I wouldn't normally complain but it's also the only way to run a bog-standard web application with CloudFront. You can't just put *an* EC2 server behind it and call it a day.

Really weird because CloudFront is hilariously cheap to run off an S3 bucket

So, if I buy a 3 year upfront-billed savings plan for as it currently stands, I'll be paying about $5.18/mo for the application server everything runs on.

Or, I can rebuild & migrate the server on ARM64, and pay $4.53/mo for the same amount of RAM. The only thing I know would need a recompile is... rgbds. Everything else is interpreted.

I have no clue what the actual performance is like on Graviton, either - but tbh I rarely (99th percentile) exceed 20% on here anyway

Some Mastodon tips I've learned:

- You need a fit, young hunting party
- They are not easy to bring down, so make sure your spears have extremely sharp tips
- Ensure you have a supply line and pack animals available to transport the meat and pelt back to the cave

End-stage capitalism's defining characteristic is making money rather than making things. Think of how Jack Welch destroyed GE by transforming it from a manufacturing company to a financial engineering shop:

Hospitals are invoice-generating factories with a sideline in medicine. The electronic health record only incidentally records your health. Its primary purpose is to record your billing-codes:


But wait, you ask! This is a solved problem! Just use P2P to spread out the bandwidth! no. You see, when you do that, now everyone watching is also publishing the fact that they're watching, and exposing themselves to copyright liability.

Remember when the RIAA started suing individual filesharers? Or when Prenda Law uploaded fake porn to BitTorrent to run a settlement extortion scheme?

That's what I'm worried about with PeerTube et all.

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The reason why works for text and images is because the web works for text and images. Mastodon is just a blog that speaks ActivityPub instead of RSS/Trackback.

Video, on the other hand, has all sorts of extra requirements. You need:

- Lots of bandwidth for high-quality video
- Oodles of storage for old uploads
- Compute power to encode new uploads to multiple formats

All of these are prohibitively expensive to a self-hoster or even a small instance.

What's this? Minecraft running on #AsahiLinux with open source GPU drivers?

Image credit: @yuka

Caught another instance also running news bots. It appears to be someone self-hosting; I really wish I could just silence bots from that one instance.

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Someone made an instance full of nothing but news site reposting bots.

Nice idea, but it clogs up the federated timeline a bit too much. Put the whole instance on Silence for now. May go back and follow one or two of the bots I care for.

A year and change ago I put out a call for test readers for a novel I and a friend are writing.

Then I kinda went silent as I wrote and rewrote things. And I didn't get a lot of feedback from the people I invited to the test reader server.

Well, uh... update on that; I actually did find a site dedicated to writer feedback and have been getting some VERY GOOD critiques there. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure I've got plenty more rewrites ahead of me...

I see trends on Mastodon - now THAT'S a throwback.

What's the day for guinea pigs?

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